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Standard Weight Plates Vs Olympic Weight Plates: What’s the Difference?

October 30, 2023 4 min read

Standard Weight Plates Vs Olympic Weight Plates: What’s the Difference?

Weight training is necessary for those who want to build their muscles with more power and strength. On the other hand, it needs some equipment to get a perfect shape. A weight plate is mainly designed for lifting purposes and people can add them to a barbell when they want to improve their muscle conditions. It utilizes different types of materials enabling a person to focus more on his/her fitness goals. At the same time, one should know more about the types of weight training plates available in markets with more attention. 

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What is a standard weight plate and an Olympic weight plate?

A standard weight plate will have only a one-inch central hole that fits a barbell while lifting weight. Moreover, it is lighter in weight and easy to handle which gives ways to gain more advantages. Standard plates are a better choice for beginners when they want to practice weight training.

An Olympic weight plate is heavier in weight that comes with two-inch holes which perfectly suit Olympic barbells. Not only that, large plates are available with several other holes that facilitate lifers while handling. The Olympic technique plates are mainly used for training purposes allowing a person to focus more on his/her goals. 

Differences between weight plates and Olympic weight plates


It is not possible to use a standard plate on an Olympic bar. On the other hand, a lifter can utilize an Olympic plate on a standard bar with inexpensive adaptors. This will help a weightlifter to try a range of weights in weight training instead of one strict set. 

Grip plates 

The primary advantage of an Olympic weight is that it allows a lifter to purchase the same with a grip style. This, in turn, gives ways to move the weights easier. Another thing is that it provides ways to perform dumbbell and kettlebell exercises. Moreover, a lifter can store the same without any hassles. However, most standard plates don’t come with grips. 


Olympic plates will reduce torque for lifts such as the snatch or curl which are prone to spinning. They role independently of the bars due to evolving ends which help lift weights accordingly. At the same time, standard plates are highly susceptible to warping over time because they don’t come with revolving ends. 


The diameter of both standard weights and Olympic weights will vary. For example, the diameter of a standard plate weight sits at1". This is small when compared to the diameter of the hole located in the center of an Olympic weight plate. Similarly, the standard bar diameters may vary across brands due to the steel quality. 

A good quality Olympic plate will have a consistent sleeve diameter allowing users to lift weights smoothly. On the other hand, a cheap plate comes with a 2mm variance in diameter from 50mm.


A standard weight plate comes in a limited capacity of up to 200 pounds and is ideal for those who want to lift a lightweight. At the same time, an Olympic weight plate is very thick and has a capacity from 1000 to 1200 pounds. Anyone who wants to lift heavy weights over a long time can select the Olympic weight plates for meeting exact needs. 


Olympic weights are more stable when compared to the standard weights due to the added thickness. Not only that, they allow lifters to load weights easier and safer by addressing their exact needs. 


Those who want to lift weights at competitive levels can opt for Olympic weights because they help gain more advantages. They come in different sizes that provide ways to obtain optimal results. 


The Olympic plates are precision tested which means they have high accuracy. However, standard plates can fluctuate when buying cheaper ones. 


Olympic plates are safer to use because they come with rubber-coated materials thereby showing ways to minimize complications. For example, virgin Olympic weight plates are made from 100% virgin rubber on the exterior that will prevent floor damage and noise levels significantly. Besides that, they even show methods to ensure high protection from potential risks while lifting a weight. 


Olympic plate weights are the best choice for weight lifters when they want to ensure high-performance levels. Furthermore, they allow a person to get the desired outcomes in the weight training that will help him/her undergo major changes. They provide ways to build stronger muscles with high success rates.


A bending bar will create unwanted problems in motion that will lead to complications during the lifting process. Olympic plates come with high-quality materials and they will return to a straight position although they bend under a heavy load.

Choosing the right weights for workouts 

Beginners who are new to weightlifting should consider choosing a standard weight that will help improve progress levels gradually. An Olympic weight is a perfect choice for those who want to build muscles over time with a heavyweight. One should consult with a professional trainer to know what type of weights will exactly fit his/her health fitness goals and strength training. 

Where to buy weight plates at the best prices?

People who want to buy weight plates for strength training at affordable prices should pick the right online store that caters to their requirements. MAGMA Fitness is a leading online store in Canada that offers both standard plates and Olympic plates. They are suitable for building muscles and improving overall fitness levels to a large extent. The store is the right destination for those who want to explore a variety of plates at budget prices.

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It offers various options for fitness freaks when they want to purchase weights for weight training that will help lead a healthy lifestyle. Excellent customer support is available from the store who want to know more about the products in detail. All products are high-quality ones that let users target muscles on various parts of the body effectively that will help keep the body in good condition.