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The Best Kettlebells For Your Home Gym

April 07, 2024 4 min read

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If you’re looking to blend strength training and conditioning, nothing swings it like the humble kettlebell. Very useful in both competitive sport and general fitness, kettlebells are essentially cast iron or steel balls—think of them as a cannonball with a handle—that have a curved handle on one end (hence the name ‘kettle’) and flattened butts on the other.

They enable dynamic movement for the entire body, and promote power training, strength, and endurance. Professional sports teams and world class athletes frequently use kettlebells in their training programs. But they are also great for your home gym, building muscle, and burning fat.

Kettlebells have been around since at least the early-18th century in Russia (and later in eastern Europe). They have caught on in North America in a big way in the past three decades and become indispensable to many commercial gym-goers’ fitness routines. And now they are conquering the home gym market.

Get the kettlebell advantage for your home gym

If you want to take your at-home workout to the next level, buy kettlebells. This multifunctional and versatile fitness equipment is perfect for both beginners and veteran gym-goers.

They will help you strengthen your muscles and core, and tone your body, perfectly complementing the dumbbells, weight plates, benches, and other equipment you’ve already stocked in your home gym.

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Kettlebells offer several advantages: They are very compact, and don’t require an extravagant setup. You can use them for indoor and outdoor workouts. They are ideal for everything from athletic training, swings, and squats to snatches, deadlifts, get-ups, and CrossFit training. And you don’t have to spend a ton of money to add them to your home gym.

Swing your way to a great body

Okay, let’s get a bit technical here. Have you seen someone swing a kettlebell up and down, and wondered what that was all about? 

Well, many exercises involving kettlebells are dynamic rather than controlled strength training. This means much faster lifts—and that swing-like ballistic motion. Such exercises are not plain old cardio. They’re doing a lot more by involving all muscle groups in your body.

In fact, there is an element of novelty around kettlebell training, making it a refreshingly different addition to your regular gym workout.

Like most things in life, you’ll get a better hold of kettlebell training with practice. But the great news is you can straight away start using them and reap their instant benefits even if you’re a beginner.

The swing is an elemental kettlebell movement, and beautifully works your legs, hips, back, and forearms.

As you get more familiar with the exercise types, you’ll realize that the same movement has multiple uses, including strength-endurance, metabolic conditioning, and cardio.

There are many swing variations, such as two hands on one bell, one hand on one bell, and one bell in each hand.

Once you get comfortable with the movements, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Not just sultans of swing

You can do a lot with kettlebells, over and above swinging them around. Here are some of the key exercises:

  1. Deadlifts: This exercise targets the large frontal thigh muscles, gluteal muscles, and back muscles.
  2. Goblet squat: Squats are great for the lower-body, helping you tone your hamstrings, quads, glutes, and abs. By using kettlebells, you get faster results. There is a special kind of squat which you can attempt too, called the ‘sumo’ squat.
  3. Two arm military press: This targets the shoulders and triceps while working the legs and core by maintaining stability. 
  4. Russian twist: With the help of kettlebells, the Russian twist can work wonders on your abs and obliques.  
  5. One arm row: Strengthen your back muscles, including the lats and traps with a one-arm kettlebell row.
  6. Walking lunges: Target your hamstrings and glutes with kettlebell walking lunges.
  7. Pushups: The good old pushup just got a bell makeover. 

How to choose the right kettlebells for your home gym

Weight is, without question, the single most important thing to keep in mind while picking up a kettlebell. If you’re just getting into serious fitness, then you might want to start with lighter weights, preferably under 15 pounds.

As you progress, the choice boils down to your strength, fitness, and the goals you’ve set for yourself in your home gym.

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Another thing to consider when you buy kettlebells is whether the cast iron kettlebell is coated or uncoated. Though uncoated kettlebells have a better grip, they can be tough on your hands in the beginning. Some kettlebell handles come covered with vinyl (plastic). These are easy on your hands but tend to be more slippery.

Ultimately though, you are likely to settle for an uncoated handle, once you get comfortable with the equipment and its various movements.

Other factors to keep in mind are whether the kettlebell damages your floor, and if it fits the budget for your home gym. 

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