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Why You Need a Fitness Bench for Your Workout

April 04, 2023 4 min read

Why You Need a Fitness Bench for Your Workout

The fitness bench, also known as workout bench, exercise bench or weight bench, is a staple for any home or commercial gym. All these different names point to the fact that this piece of equipment is useful for a lot of things, and not just lifting weights.

There are four or five different types of benches but fundamentally, it is a simple equipment with an uncomplicated design that makes it suitable for a whole range of exercises. And everybody from beginners to pros can benefit from a workout bench.

With the help of a bench, you can gradually increase the scope of your weight lifting routine. Fitness benches also lower the risk of injuries by providing support. Typically, these benches have a padded seat and sturdy metal legs, giving the equipment the ‘bench’ look and shape. 

Main types of fitness benches

Whether you are using a weight bench commercially or for your home gym, it will usually fall in one of these categories:

Flat weight benches: These are usually compact and support heavy weights. They don’t have adjustable parts, so maintenance is relatively easy. But you can’t change their angle, so the number of exercises that can be performed on them is limited. 

Adjustable weight benches: These benches have adjustable backrests and seats, which help you strengthen your muscles by varying the angles. Since adjustable weight benches have many moving parts, they need to be handled with greater care.

Olympic weight benches: These benches have a multi-tiered racking system that allows for smooth and safe racking of barbells. But they have a large size and fixed angles. 

Specialist weight benches: These benches allow certain precise movements while restricting other motions, in order to target specific muscle groups. The abdominal curl bench is an example of a specialist weight bench.   

Key exercises using workout benches

Fitness benches are useful for exercises involving weights as well as those that do not require weights. Here are some popular exercises:

Flat bench press

This works your middle chest and is among the most basic and well-known lifts. It also helps to build overall body mass. A flat or adjustable fitness bench can be used to do a flat bench press.

Concentration curls

Concentration curls are excellent for getting those bulging biceps and ideal for your home gym. The only equipment you need is a pair of decent hex dumbbells— apart from the weight bench, of course.

Skull crushers

This works wonders for your triceps and requires a barbell, curl bar or a multi grip bar. But even a pair of dumbbells will come in handy.

Single arm dumbbell

This works your shoulders and back really well. Make sure you keep your back straight.

Incline bench press

These target your upper chest and help to build muscle. Keep the bench at a 45-degree angle and the seat at 90 degrees to the bench, so that you can work your upper chest without sliding off the bench.  

Reverse flyes

These require dumbbells and you need to keep your spine straight and shoulders tight. It’s a great way to work your back.  

Seated incline dumbbell bicep curl

By keeping the bench inclined, you can get the best possible extension around your pecs.  

Decline bench press

This works your upper chest, shoulders and triceps. Make the fitness bench slope slightly downwards by lowering it. The rack should be a little further forward as compared to a flat bench press. 

Health advantages of fitness bench

Strengthens upper body muscles: If you want to improve your upper body strength, benches are the way to go. 

Improves flexibility: The adjustable angles help in performing a range of workouts, which improves flexibility.

Full-body workout: A multi-exercise bench offers a combination of workouts that is more holistic.  

Boosts cardiovascular health: Many exercises using fitness benches are beneficial to the heart.  

Strengthen abdominal muscles: Use weight benches to tone abdominal muscles and lose belly fat. 

What to look for in a weight bench

Here are some things to consider before buying a fitness bench:

Body type: The bench’s frame should match your body type for greater safety and stability.

Price: If the bench has additional features, it is likely to be more expensive.

Set up: The time and ease of setting up the equipment is another factor.  

Comfort: Use benches with upholstery or seat cushions of a high quality so that you are not compromising on comfort and your focus remains on training.  

Experience level: Beginners have different training needs than experienced lifters.

Fitness goals: The exercises that you do using a bench should be part of a well thought-out routine that includes other equipment and exercises. 


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