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Optimizing Your Overhead Press Exercises with Accessories

March 19, 2024 2 min read

Optimizing Your Overhead Press Exercises with Accessories

The overhead press is one of the most effective exercises for building upper-body strength. It targets the shoulders, triceps, and upper back muscles, while also helping to promote overall posture and balance. The exercise can be done with a barbell or dumbbells, but it can also be optimized with the right accessories. Here, we look at how to optimize your overhead press exercises with accessories.

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Choosing the Right Equipment

The first step in optimizing your overhead press exercises is to choose the right equipment. You’ll need a barbell or dumbbells, as well as a bench for stability. If you’re using a barbell, you should also have a spotter to help ensure that you maintain proper form and don’t drop the weight. Additionally, there are a few accessories you can use to improve your overhead press workout.

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Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are great for adding variety and intensity to your workouts. They provide resistance as you move through the range of motion, allowing you to challenge different muscle groups and strengthen your arms and shoulders. To use resistance bands while performing an overhead press, wrap the band around your wrists and position it so that the tension pulls your arms up towards your head. This will allow you to engage more muscles as you press overhead.

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Weighted Vests

Weighted vests are a great way to add extra resistance to your overhead press exercises. The added weight increases the difficulty of the exercise, which helps to build muscle strength and definition. Weighted vests are adjustable, so you can find one that fits comfortably and provides the level of resistance you need. When using a weighted vest, make sure to start with a lighter weight and gradually increase the weight as you get stronger.

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Adjustable Benches

Using an adjustable bench can help you adjust the angle of your body to better target different muscle groups. An adjustable bench allows you to perform an incline press, which targets the front and side deltoids more effectively than a flat press. You can also use an adjustable bench to perform a decline press, which works the lower chest and triceps. Both variations can be used to help optimize your overhead press exercises.


Kettlebells are a great way to add a unique challenge to your overhead press exercises. They provide an unstable weight, which forces your muscles to work harder to stabilize the movement. Kettlebells come in a variety of sizes and weights, so you can find one that fits your needs. When using kettlebells for an overhead press, make sure to keep your core tight and maintain proper form throughout the exercise.

Optimizing your overhead press exercises with the right accessories can help you get the most out of your workout. Resistance bands, weighted vests, adjustable benches, and kettlebells are all great tools that can help you challenge your body and build strength. With the right equipment and proper form, you can maximize the benefits of your overhead press exercises.