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COREFX Wall Balls

  • The Wall Balls feature an interior filling that helps the ball keep its shape, and is forgiving enough to safely catch high-speed throws or bounces. It’s easy-to-grip construction allows you to keep hold of the ball no matter how hard you sweat.
    The COREFX Wall Ball represents the evolution of strength and conditioning medicine ball training. At 14” in diameter, the Wall Balls are composed of ultra strong PVC panels reinforced with triple stitching at every seam and thicker skin for a unique texture and enhanced grip. The heavy duty Wall Ball is a great fitness training tool for high-intensity interval training (HIIT), boot camp training and any training where you are looking to build a strong core and increase power and explosiveness. Includes carry strap.

    Why You Need It

    The Wall Ball will help you develop core and muscle strength, increase your cardiovascular endurance, and burn calories. Functional exercises help you in your everyday life, such as with squatting, lifting, throwing and standing up!

    How It Helps

    Challenge your explosive power! Vigorous activities such as jogging, running, jumping, throwing and kicking require explosive strength. Working out with the CORFEX Wall Ball promotes fast twitch muscle fibers and increases calorie burn.

    The COREFX Wall Ball will help you build explosive power, muscle strength, increase cardiovascular endurance, burn calories, increase your speed, strength, coordination & conditioning!

    What You Can Do With It

    The COREFX Wall Ball can be used to throw against a wall, hitting multiple joints and muscle groups at the same time. For an extra effective standard Wall Ball workout, stand in a dumbbell/kettlebell “goblet position” and squat down before standing up explosively to use your legs, arms, and back to throw it at the target! You can also throw it straight up or to a workout partner. In addition, you can use the wall ball for standard medicine ball exercise routines, such as crunches, trunk twists, presses, etc. These are not for slam ball exercises. Functional exercises, like the wall ball throw, work out multiple muscle groups and joints, which helps you in your everyday life and movements.