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Altas AL-3000 Multi-Function Smith Machine with Multi-Station Cable System

  • The AL-3000 combines a Cable Machine, Smith Machine, and Half Rack to give you all the tools for a complete strength workout.

    This multi-functional machine is ideal for increasing strength, improving athletic movements, and building muscle mass. It features a dual plate-loaded pulley system, a smith machine, pec-deck, low-row and a multi-grip pull-up bar to keep you challenged.

    Smith Machine
    Smith Machines allow you to perform barbell exercises in a fixed vertical plane which makes the exercises easier and safer. Ideal for improving foundational barbell movements and building muscle with a lower risk of injury.

    Multi-Station Cable System
    The Plate Loaded Multi-Station Cable System allows for dozens of exercises. Some examples are: cable flys, standing lat push-downs, lat pull-downs, pushups, barbell deadlifts, barbell squats, pull-ups, and pec-deck flys.

    When you add a workout bench, you have more workout options include seated leg extensions, lying leg extensions, upper body stretches, as well as incline, decline and flat barbell chest press. This model can be used to train muscles on every part of a users’ body.
More Information
  • Multi-Grip Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Cable Handles
  • Curl/Triceps Bar
  • Safety Collars for Smith Bar