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MAGMA Ab Wheel Roller Deluxe

  • Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the MAGMA Ab Roller is sure to help give you the abs of your dreams. Our ab roller is the most useful tool to tone and strengthen your abs, shoulders, arms and lower back. Try out our ergonomic ab roller and say goodbye to endless sit-ups and crunches. The 2” width of the wheel enhances stability while you roll, ensuring that all muscles are challenged. The innovative non-slip rubber wheel grips any floor surface to help you control you movements for ultimate results. Lush eva foam handles allow for maximum comfort during your workout helping you push your limits and reach your goals. Carve left, right and center to tone your entire abdominal muscle and achieve real definition. Convenient and easy to use, the MAGMA Ab Roller is the quintessential workout tool. Its compact design makes it perfect for travel so you can effectively work out your core on the go! Our ab roller is a versatile, easy to use product designed with the athlete using it in mind! It is portable, ergonomic and creates washboard abs, what more could you want?