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Altas AL-3028 Squat Rack

  • The AL-3028 is a versatile power rack that can be used in home gyms and light commercial settings like high schools and corporate gyms. It features a lat pulldown, a low row, along with a clever roller pad that locks your body in place when performing lat pulldowns. It comes with nylon spotter straps that protect the knurling on your bar. The straps are rated to hold up to 2000 lbs!


    Featuring a set of adjustable safety spotters straps, built-in plate storage and a landmine attachment, you can take your barbell training to the next level with the AL-3028. There is also added benefit of progressive resistance training by using the strength band pegs. 

      Plates, barbells, bands, and bench are NOT included with this product.


      Holes on the frame: 
      Size - 1 inch
      Distancing - 2 inches

      Lat Pulldown Weight Rating/Capacity: 400 lb
    More Information
    • Wide Lat Pulldown Bar
    • Landmine
    • Pair of Safety Spotter Straps - 2000 lbs Rated
    • Pair os Safety Spotter Arms
    • Dip Handles
    • Strength Band Pegs
    • Plate Storage