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Altas AL-3035 Half-Smith Rack

  • The Altas AL-3035 Smith Rack incorporates a revolutionary carriage system for the smooth weight training experience. The high tensile strength Olympic bar is driven by a roller system for the ultimate stability, safety, and smoothness. 

    Due to the stability of the Smith Machine, it is a convenient and safe fixture for heavy weight training. There are rubber belt hooks on the upper and lower ends of the Smith machine. You can use the elastic rope to personalize your training and adjust the weight for different needs. This fixture includes functions of the Smith machine, half-rack, high tensile training machine, GTX bodyweight, pull-up and other multi-functional equipment. It has a stable square body structure, sandbags with small hooks, smooth bearings, and multi-functional weightlifting rods


    • A pair of long safety bars
    • A pair of short safety bars
    • A pair of dip attachments
    • Landmine
More Information
  • The push-up handles were designed with a variety of angles to meet different needs of arm training.
  • Removable horizontal bars and parallel bars are designed for your convenience.
  • Adjustable spring-loaded safety catches, give the user the confidence to push the maximum weight.
  • Commercial grade chin-up bars come standard with the rack.
  • The j-hook designs are now longer and reinforced.