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CAP Barbell Standard 34" Threaded Tricep Bar

  • Get more out of your workout with the CAP Standard Chrome Triceps Bar. It allows you to target specific muscle groups to achieve your individual resistance training goals, whether you want to bulk up or simply achieve a leaner look. It is specially designed for maximum concentration of the triceps muscle while avoiding strain on your elbows, wrists or forearms. This tool is a suitable option for Olympic weight lifting, interval routines and more. Multiple features of this standard triceps bar help to ensure the safest workout possible. A diamond-knurled grip reduces slipping, even in the presence of perspiration or other moisture. An adequate sleeve length and included collars keep weights securely positioned throughout your entire movement. Made of solid steel, this CAP Standard Chrome Triceps Bar is built to last and strong enough to support up to 200 lb.

    The threaded ends can easily fit 1 in standard plates, which allows you to add the right poundage for your needs and adjust as necessary. A chrome finish resists corrosion to provide a like-new, spot-free, shiny appearance for the long term. This bar is a worthwhile addition to a home or professional gym.

More Information
  • Made of chromed solid steel
  • Threaded ends
  • Diamond-knurled handgrips
  • Designed specifically for maximum concentration of the triceps muscle
  • Fits 1 in standard plates
  • Star collars included
  • Weight capacity: 200 lb