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COREFX Barbell Collars

  • Elevate your barbell training with the COREFX Aluminium Collars. Designed for optimal support and stability with its rubberized interior plugs for extreme grip on the bar. Now you can rest assured during your sets that everything is in place throughout even the most intense weight lifting regimen. Be safe while you’re clanging and banging with the premium barbell collars by COREFX.

    Incorporate our collection of COREFX Barbells safely into your exercise routine and start throwing around heavyweights with the help of these aluminum barbell collars. Whether you’re bench pressing, squatting, deadlifting or any other compound movement, the barbell collars are essential.
    Manufactured from advanced aircraft-grade aluminum, these barbell collars are perfect for any standard Olympic barbell or Crossfit bar. Our barbell collar has a rubberized lining to ensure a good grip and protect the bar for long-term use. Easy lock and release design means you can quickly change your plates on your barbell in no time and get those gains.

    Elevate your strength training, weight lifting and home workouts with this precision machined aluminum barbell collar. Sold in pairs.

More Information
  • Durable: Made of aluminum construction for a secure closure.
  • Easy To Use: Offers an adjustable clasp for secure lock/unlock mechanism throughout sets.
  • Secure Grip: Made with a rubberized interior lining to offer a stable and secure grip throughout high impact drops.
  • Fits 2″ Bars.
  • Rubber Lining.
  • One-click Lock.
  • Precision machined aluminum.