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Altas Strength AL-3058 All-in-One Smith Trainer Machine

  • The AL-3058 combines a Functional Trainer, Smith Machine, and Half Rack to give you all the tools for a complete strength workout.

    The AL-3058 is a multifunctional machine ideal for increasing strength, improving athletic movements, and building muscle mass. It features a dual plate-loaded adjustable pulley system, a half rack with safety spotters, a smith machine, a landmine, and a multi-grip pull-up bar to keep you challenged.

    Basic exercises on this model includes: cable fly, standing lat pushdown, lat pulldown, Olympic bar rotations and pushup, horizontal bar and parallel bars, low bar pull-up, barbell deadlift, barbell squat, boxing, push-up, pull-up, and butterfly exercise. Together with a workout bench, they offer more workout options include seated leg extension, lying leg extension, upper body stretches, as well as incline, decline and flat barbell chest press. This model can be used to train muscles on every part of users’ body.

    Attachment List
    • A Long lat pull Bar
    • A landmine attachment
    • A pair of long Safety bar
    • A pair of short safety bar
    • A pair of adjustable butterfly handles
    • A pair of dip attachment
    • A sit-up cushion.
    Leg Press Attachment is sold separately.
More Information
  • Comes with weight stacks 198.4 LB/90 KG per side, total 396.8 LB/180 KG.
  • Pulley ratio 1:1
  • The barbell is upgraded with an aluminum alloy bar, which is more beautiful and durable than the ordinary electroplated barbell bar
  • The barbell sleeve is upgraded with a stainless steel sleeve for an enhanced aesthetics appearance and an oxidation resistance
  • Multiple pull-up handles to meet the needs of different users’ arm training
  • Versatile cable fly to meet different training go

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael D'Arrigo
Great Build Quality

This machine is extremely well built with a smart, space-efficient design. More importantly, Chris at Magma provided fantastic customer service and great communication throughout the process. I am in the US and was skeptical and concerned about ordering from Magma, but it was one of the best support experiences ever - he answered a bunch of questions by email and phone before I purchased, and assisted until the machine was delivered - which is what you really want when purchasing something expensive like this sight-unseen. Machine came packaged well and in perfect shape (plan for 5-7 hours assembly). Thanks Chris!

Maria Gonzalez
Amazing Delivery

I purchased the Atlas strength AL-3058 All in-One smith machine, delivery arrived and was very pleased how well it’s packaged. It arrived in two creates small size 25inch X 23inch and a large 891/2inch X 331/2 inch wooden box, it’s plywood 1inch thick. Very well protected. Delivery guys were very helpful putting it inside my gate and polite great customer service. Was was anticipating delivery not knowing what to expect, but all turned out good.