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COREFX Strength Loops

  • The COREFX Strength Loops are made of polyester and latex with reinforced stitching that is soft to touch as well as sweat resistant. With it’s Strength Stretch technology, the bands are ensured to last for years as they won’t snap or stretch throughout your various workouts.

    The Strength Loops can be used for hip and glute activation, strengthening and an overall dynamic warm up. The Strength loops are also great tool to help you learn how to push your knees out while squatting.

    The Strength Loops are available in two sizes.

    Why You Need It

    The COREFX Strength Loops feature a tri-grip design creating an anti-slip barrier, so there is no more interrupting your workouts to readjust your bands, these are ensured to stay put!

    How It Helps

    These Strength Bands are designed to help prevent injuries by taking the time to strengthen the weakest points and increase mobility in the muscles. Whether you are a professional trainer or trying to perform better in your workouts, these bands were made to assist you. If you want to start maximizing your workout potential and overall mobility these bands are for you!

    What You Can Do With It

    The Strength Loops are ideal for the everyday athlete in the gym, an at home workout enthusiast, Crossfit athlete, yoga specialist, or a power lifter. The Strength Loops will not only help you with strengthening your muscles but help with stability and flexibility!