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York Barbell Pro Series 204 Squat Rack

  • With adjustable barbell supports, safety spotters, and width, the York Squat Rack is an ideal piece of gym equipment for commercial gym facilities or home gym spaces. Weighing 76 LB, the sturdy construction of the squat rack is built to withstand your daily workout routine.

    Why You Need It:

    Designed to support the weight when you perform squats, the Squat Rack strength equipment helps you progress by adding increments of weight, reaching goals that you wouldn’t be able to do without the rack.

    How It Helps:

    The York Pro Series 204 Squat Rack allows you to load weight plates on all types of exercises while the bar is in a position to make the lift. The telescopic barbell supports adjust from 38 ⅝” to 64 ½” for easy loading and switching of positions.

    What You Can Do With It:

    With the sturdy construction and adjustable settings, you can perform squat exercises as well as weightlifting exercises with and without a workout bench. The provided weight plate pegs also allow you to store your plates to keep your home gym equipment neat and off the floor.

    Additional Information:

    Overall Base Width: 64 ¾”
    Overall Base Depth: 38 ½”
    Maximum Rack Width: 52”
    Minimum Rack Width: 36”
    Lowest Bar Rack Point: 38 5/8”
    Highest Bar Rack Point: 64 ½”
    Safety Spotter Area Depth: 15”
    Weight: 76 Lbs

More Information
  • Telescopic Barbell Supports: The telescoping barbell supports allow the bar rack point to adjust from 38 ⅝” to 64 ½”. Easily switch positions of bench press and squats.
  • Adjustable Safety Spotters: Easily adjust the safety spotters to protect fitness athletes while performing weightlifting exercises inside of the squat rack. There is a 15” safety spotter area depth.
  • Adjustable Width: Easily adjust the width from 36” to 52” in width in order to accommodate smaller spaces or shorter barbells.
  • Weight Plate Pegs: Neatly and securely store your weight plates when they are not in use on the two provided plate holders featured on the outside of the York Squat Rack.

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